Waiting for a long time but not retreating. Lottery neck waiting for "Lucky number" Kuman Kaew Pinpetch 5 to 7 as


Waiting for a long time, but not discouraged and not retreating. Lottery fans are waiting for "Lucky Numbers" Kuman Kaew Pinchet, Wat Nam Raw Temple. หวยเด็ดงวดนี้

In the middle of the night on 15 March 63, reporters reported that Villagers, people with lucky numbers, come to ask for blessings Kumarn Kaew Pin Pet, Chet Wanaram Temple or Wat Nam Raw, Nong Pling Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, by people who are popular with many lucky numbers, come to pay respect to the children of Kaew Pin Pinket. And wait until the 13th until 21.00 hrs. The lucky number in the holy water basin is open to those who are waiting to see by the "lucky number" that looks like the numbers 50, 56, 60, 73

For "lucky number" at the holy water of Kuman Kaew Pinpetch Is a favorite of people who like lucky numbers Due to being stuck in many draws The lucky person is offering a votive offering, such as bicycles, clothing, red water toys, and toys. But everyone has to make a voucher, beer, which is an indispensable thing. As for savory food, it is Knmhin. And spicy rice noodles